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Sant'Anna Institute

Courses and Description

Number of courses is dependent on term of program.
Summer students choose 1-2 courses.
Semester students choose 4-6 courses, of which one is required to be an Italian course (all levels available.)
All courses are 3 credits (45 contact hours) unless otherwise noted.

Apart from Italian Language and Literature courses, each course is taught in English.

Please check with your home institution about your school’s transfer credit process. You are likely to need your courses approved prior to program participation. For more questions on this process, please contact Sant'Anna Program Coordinator Olga Stinga at For application, contact Sant'Anna Assistant Program Coordinator Serena Vacca at

Sant'Anna Institute is proud to use the experiential learning model where students engage with their professors via site visits. For example, Volcanology students spend a day at Mount Vesuvius. Archaeology students spend a day at Pompeii. Business students have site visits at local businesses. Please click on the course name for more information and sample syllabi.

All courses are subject to demand and adequate enrollment.

Courses are offered through Jacksonville University (Florida) which is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. Non Jacksonville University students can apply to transfer course credits to their home institution by submitting their Jacksonville University transcript.



Internship (TGMT 5900-60)

See our Internship page for more information



Archaeology: Cities of Fire (ANTH 5223)

Creative Writing: Travel and Experience (LITR 3133)

History of Italian Cinema (FILM 3113)

Survey of Art History: Ancient Greek to Italian Baroque (FNAT 1133)

Drawing on Location, the Art of the Travel Sketchbook (FNAT 2453)

Introduction to digital photography (FNAT 2553)

Culture of Italy in Context (HUMN 2114)

 Architecture- SPRING ONLY

Studio Sorrento (CIAT 6406) (ASC)

Urban Sketching (CIAT 2433) (ASC)


 Business and Administration Studies

Business in the European Union (BUAD 6213)

Territory and Entrepreneurship: Tradition, Sustainability and Competition (ECON 5133)

International tourism: Italian food and geography (BUAD 3114)


 Social Sciences

History of Contemporary Italy (HIST 1223)

History of the Mafia: Origins and International Scope (HIST 1123)

Western Civilization Since 1648 (HIST 1113)

Anthropology of Europe (ANTH 1113)

Mediterranean Culture and History (HIST 1333)

International Relations (PLSC 1053)


 Sciences and Natural Sciences

Introduction to Geology (GEOL 1133)

Introduction to Marine Biology (BIOL 1133)

Introduction to Volcanology (GEOL 1233)

Environmental Studies

Environmental Law (ENVR 4413)

Italian Studies*

Elementary Italian Language (ITAL 1303)

Pre-Intermediate Italian Language (ITAL 2303)

Intermediate Italian Language (ITAL 3303)

Upper Intermediate Italian Language (ITAL 4303)

Advanced Italian Language (ITAL 5303)

Post-Advanced Italian Language (ITAL 6303)

Medieval Italian Literature I (ITAL 5333)

Medieval Italian Literature II (ITAL 5443)

Modern Italian Literature (ITAL 5223)

Contemporary Italian Literature (ITAL 5113) 

*Online Italian Language Courses: All Italian language courses are also available online and academic credit is transferable. These courses are taught by native Italian speakers who are certified and specialize in distance learning. A tutor is also available to aid students with particular difficulties. Two 75-minute classes a week are held over a course of 15 weeks. The maximum classroom size is 15 students. Please contact for any further information.



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